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Vampires & Werewolves – The Literature that Inspires by Bekah June The Victorians either embraced the curiosity of the other world and ghastly specters or they remained rigid skeptics. On many levels Victorians embraced the supernatural – Frankenstein’s Monster, Vampires, Dracula, and Ghosts. It’s a myth that werewolf tales were a part of the growing supernatural genre of stories during that time. In fact, Werewolves held no place, during that period, on the shelves among other horrid tales.

Facebook: Money Pit or Business Owner’s Friend?

Facebook. Most of us us it. Many of our parents even manage to use the large social community to post memes, misinformed political rants, and share photos. So, while that does not cover the entire expanse of Facebook, it has devolved into the tired standard. For Businesses, Facebook has become a MONEY PIT. That can work one of two ways – it can either eat through your profits or gain you an audience you may not have had before. Is it right for your business?

How To Reconcile Your QuickBooks Online Account

Keeping track and managing your business or personal finances are important parts of your daily life. Each account – bank or credit card – must be tracked to ensure that your financial accounts are accurate and properly recorded. Identity or credit card theft is on the rise; thieves can easily obtain your information. Checking your account daily and reconciling it monthly is key to ensuring your financial security. It is also important during tax time to have accurate records, allowing your accountant to efficiently file your taxes for your business or family.

8 Marketing Tips to Help Your Architecture Firm Grow

Architecture firms, like any other business, need to have solid business goals in place. Your business needs a system to track clients, projects, invoice –accounts payable and receivable—and any other pertinent details associated with running your business. In order to get clients and make money, your firm needs a great marketing strategy in place. Marketing gets your business seen by potential clients. Without a marketing plan, your firm won't garner the clientele and exposure you need to grow.

How Not to Kill Your Team’s Motivation

Employee motivation is essential to the health of your business. Your team is the backbone of your business. They support your business. They are the drive behind completing company goals. High employee turnover can hurt your bottom line. It can also affect your clients who become accustomed to working with your staff. Clients like dealing with someone that they trust. They cannot build a trusting relationship if your staff changes too often. Employees can become unmotivated on their own. There

5 Strategies to Reduce Overdue AR

Overdue accounts receivables can become a headache to you and your business. Overdue invoices can negatively affect your business. It’s not just about your bottom line. If you’re looking to obtain a business loan, lenders will consider the past due accounts that you have as part of your books. Maintaining a relationship with a client is valuable, but getting them to pay their bill on time is essential.  You can help to prevent overdue accounts by implementing consistent processes, working with y

What You Need to Know About Medical Billing in 2016

The nature of medical billing, coding, insurance, and collections are ever changing. There are countless regulations in place to govern how practices bill for services. Physicians are left needing to juggle between providing care to patients and ensuring the back-office is running efficiently. Finding balance to maintain your practice is the goal. That’s why we’ve put together this post. Although medical doctors are experts on the human body, they often don’t know the basics of medical billing.

5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Business on Track

It is easy to get burned out when you invest your time to grow your business. You invest in your clients and your staff. Building good relationships with your clients takes a lot of time. Building their trust and providing top-notch service is done not just with your clients. It also means that you have to take time to train your employees. It is easy to get lost and forget about both your long-term and short-term goals. These 5 tips can help you stay on track in meeting your goals. Taking on t

How Employee Motivation Makes Your Business Better

Employees are the backbone of any business. Happy employees give good customer service. It’s a simple standard that makes for a positive work environment. Clients benefit from it. An employee can be miserable for various reasons; most of which are related to their daily work routine. An employee who is no longer motivated or challenged cannot grow. This is why it is important that you understand how motivating your employees can make your business better. Here are 5 actionable tips that you can

First-party or Third-party Collections: Which is Right for Your Business?

Determining how to handle accounts receivables for your business can often become confusing and stressful. Each business is unique and requires their own plans of action to minimize and resolve billing issues. In this volatile economy, dealing with slow-paying customers becomes a challenge. Often, businesses are faced with taking serious actions by turning accounts over to a collections agency to resolve the owed debt. What Are Your Options? Just like in every other aspect of your business, yo
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